Sunday, March 4, 2012

H2H (dedicated to my girl, and your girl too)

Will I stand to see the rising sun
shine on your face every morn?
What can I say about your smile than
the glow of Venus at dawn?
To what shall I compare your figure,
figure that left heaven spellbound
and Earth admiring with great sound?

My woman, please allow me to confess:
my addition to you is nothing
for I add nothing to you nor any suppress.
I love you with a noting
that love is true, yes true, only when you love me.
If God had less than bless you, oh nameless
I would have been a curse.

Love is funny. It makes you say dumb shit and you don't realise it. I love you Esi E. :) - B


My maiden loves like a knave.
And I tell her her elements to save
lest she consumes them in her crave
to satisfy no one but me.
Just me.

My maiden's a rainforest;
her members at their best
at night give me no sleep with rest.
They, while down even without pose
my passion arose

My maiden has no sunshine.
With wind she defines her climes.
Different heights of emotions do rhyme
to block shafts of light
that should make her bright

No, I cannot survive in this silt.
Here sticking, there sinking.
"Let's end it", I say without guilt
Staring at me she's thinking
"Oh my soul, my soul, you just killed't"

Enjoy. It's why I wrote it :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Nature of ZERO

If you still think there is no God you’re doing well.

It’s all fair that our ancestors left posterity a legacy, even legacies, to prove their right of existence and an opportunity well taken. I mean there would have been a better Newton if Newton never took advantage of his being born early in the history years, at least of documented Mathematics. After all success hangs by a thread for mavericks who decide to nurse their own seedlings. I have read little about them and their attitude towards religion but I have reasons to believe that they acknowledged, implicitly or explicitly, the existence of a so supernatural power. I say they knew God.

The evidence is quite murky. Unless you come with no predisposition, I make a mess of my time and faculty tying together discrete elements to form a believable logic. However, it quenches a certain “very weird” thirst. My proposition revolves around the mathematical explanation of the number zero. I argue loudly, yet not noisily, about the significance of the inexplicable answer of type undefined for a mere division of a concrete object by zero. In case you wink at the effect of dividing a number by zero, ladies and gentlemen, I am humbled to inform you that it can bring your computer down on its knees. You tumble down. Just. Like. That.

This is what I think.

This is how God is so similar to the nature of zero (not its value). Just like zero, God is a spirit, invincible, and cannot be touched. Nobody touched zero oranges and nobody ever would. You just feel it. You feel you have zero oranges just like that. Abstract. And this is what you can’t do to zero oranges:
  • 1.        You dare not say zero orange (singular). Even though it can’t be seen and felt, it’s more and it’s plural.
  • 2.      You better save your name and that of your family by keeping your knife away from peeling zero oranges for who knows.
  • 3.       You don’t give anybody zero oranges. Everybody has zero oranges so just remind them.

On the one hand, God is similar to the nature of zero. No weapon built or under-construction or at the prototyping stage or at AutoCAD stage can cause the irreducible minimum change in Him. On the other hand, an attack on you (or me or whoever) by God is as at now unfathomable in the minds of the celebrated torchbearers. Those who through abstracts, with abstracts, could without pain visualise shapes, patterns, energy, and whatever was considered only visible to the brainiest. So if I were you, I’d not align myself opposite in direction (of course not in magnitude) to the Almighty while I still have the opportunity to choose my bearing because in this design world lines collide.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"I Wanna Learn Programming"

Dear Journal,

Many times I hear people say this. Even uncountable are the times I have met innocent individuals who're so enthralled by the power of a programmer that they would also wanna wield that power, or a force of the same semblance. I call that a motivated passion. A passion fed by an inner thinking and boundary-less imagination of what he has already achieved as a programmer albeit he's yet to write his first line of code. He thinks and he sees his app running through the veins of successful businesses and making the million steps ahead of their competitors. Yes, he wants to build a "Business Bloodstream" (with myriads of versions).

I only sit and admire them. Every. Single. Day. If nothing at all, their beams cause me to reminisce about those days when I shared those dreams, when I so badly wanted to be a programmer. Their eventuality is a tale for them to tell, but for me, eventually I am a programmer (without a class adjective). I have no right, privilege or responsibility to tell who plays in what position, or perhaps which part of your body is best fit for the game. But what I learnt in the time of becoming a programmer is an experience I will not hoard. I wanna share them with everyone.

I compiled some dos and don'ts through my personal experience and that has been the rule that has kept me going. They're, humbly, below.

  • Don't be taught Introduction by a person. If you can't read it from a book or online, I doubt what a lazy dude can learn.
  •  Don't use more than four (4) books for a particular language or concept. If you have 5 or more books on Python, another five or more on Python GUI, about 7 books or more on Java Swing, man you're building a library for a hobby. You become familiar with a certain book after continuous use. Plus you know your progress well.
  • Don't copy codes and run them. Type them and run them (even if they are sample codes in your guide book). Learning can be subtler. After all your fingers and the keyboard can have a lil intimacy.
  • Don't think you're not good enough. After a day or two, you're good for anything programming.
  • Don't look for perfection; better your good then perfect your better.
  • Make it your passion, your priority.
  • Pay attention to problems and perceive which aspects can be eliminated with the electronic device.
  • Specialize in diversity. Learn more than one language. As you probably know every language is adept at solving a certain problem.
  • Perceive patterns in both naturals and artificials. Everything has a pattern. They'd mean algorithm later.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I pray this won't be a shocker.
Many people tend to misjudge me by what they see me do. Vaguely, their facial expressions seem to ask me, "WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU LIVE FOR?". Well I've answered that so many times with the smile that meets those looks but I guess I gotta write it so people don't get confused about me.

It's my believe, it's my definition.

I live to fulfill ma own dreams; nothing more.
I live to be happy about ma little, else I'd be one stranded dude in this crazy world.



That makes me remain,
Yaw B.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 16

It's not a miracle America has opted to leave Friday 13 out of their business days. Out of the days when they enjoy "Good Luck". For several days, I paid no particular attention to what really happened in my body at a particular date than this year.
According to the book I'm reading, everything around me deserves my attention. Much more so with every single feel I get within my dark skin. Why? Not a project though, it would help me identify what triggers what in my health and well-being.
This years March 16 swept over me and it has left some sharp changes. I realised it, and still wonder that I could figure it out that way. Your boy is reforming not transforming. Because of that,

I remain,
Yaw B.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Before I Self-Destruct

Well well. Haha!!! Funny how things can take a sharp turn and return to look at you in the face like they've been with you all that while. Isn't it crazy that a little girl somewhere in the world can put you on song and another close by pause you while you are about to hit the chorus?

Won't it be a ride upstream if you wanted to control all the elements that make up you, the elements that make up everyone? I compare it to overthrowing a king who has a whole garrison at his castle. A very true Uphill Task. But what is more upstream than finally deciding on what to do with the rest of your life? What could be more costly than making a wrong decision in this system we inhabit where there is nothing like GOING BACK (for whatever reasons).

If you do not know, now you know, the world already knows that ALMOST DOESN'T COUNT. Today I feel extremely different. Yesterday was better but today is the best. Tomorrow? I don't know which facet of the die will face up but I surely know it would be a superlative.

Guys tell me a whole lot of stuff, I hear plenty but listen to few. I may seem all you see walking about. I myself think so. But is that the real delivery of the power and "ego" encapsulated by my thin, dark skin? Obviously and absolutely no. I AM MORE.

How do I know? Did you ask that? No answer. How do you know you are a male if you are a male and how do you know you aint a female if you aint? If someone told you ... GOSH!# I am ordinary (yes I am of flesh and blood). My mom used to suppress my wish to reach the metaphysical world this way, "Anyone who is born of a woman impregnated by a man is a weak object whose failure comes in his attempt to attain the naturally impossible." She was right and wrong (Just to stop you from attacking my mom). Even with that needlessly heavy clause put on me I still manage to turn a perfect cartwheel just as she does even in her forties.

I go strong. I try harder. Do not judge me by the way you see me. I talk a lot but I'm very silent and my silence is deafening. If I keep you busy with my jokes, I stop your words the same way your girlfriend or wife's kiss would. I tame your mind and you never get to know the real me. Why would I do that? That's the natural antic I was born with so that I can keep my secrets. Why? Because a series of consistent questions forces me to vomit them out. I do and regret afterwards. So why not shut you up rather? Why not tame your wild thoughts to succumb to my tricks. Eh por que?

I'm not evil. I only want yall to know you have something to keep away from the rest. Unless you are caught, until holding it in a special place is as worthless as familiarizing the public with it, it's still worth your most brilliant effort to keep it very SAFE.

Again, if you didn't know now you know. Respect all and walk smartly. It's a massive tool for controlling people's minds. I love to control people's minds in the direction I want them. It's such an envious hobby. Let them think freely, but when it's about you, you gotta make them think THIS WAY.

I'm not changing any moment from now. Not today, not anytime. Because of that,

I remain,
Yaw elGran:)